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Aquatic Plants We specialize in and stock 40 different aquatic plants which includes the popular Water Hyacinth and Water Lettuce. We also have Hardy Water Lillies that come in red, white, pink and yellow.

Some of the other plants we stock include:
  • Lotus - white, pink
  • Iris - blue, red, pink, yellow
  • Canna - red, pink, yellow
  • Lily-Like - water hawthorne, water poppy, yellow snowflake
  • Shallow Water Plants - variegated sweet flag, water plantain, peppermint, giant marsh marigold, umbrella palm, dwarf umbrella palm, umbrella grass, compact giant papyrus, dwarf bamboo, chameleon plant, giant pennywort, giant corkscrew rush, primrose creepers, creeping jenny, variegated water clover, water mint, bog bean, yellow monkeyflower, variegated water celery, arrow arum, golden reed, ribbon grass, royal pickerel rush, lizard's tail, zebra rush, yellow-eyed grass, hardy water canna, society garlic, variegated cattail, and micro mini cattail.