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Fountec - 8 oz. - McGrayel Co.
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    Fountec - 8 oz. - McGrayel Co.

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    Product Description

    Use Fountec For Clean, Clear, Algae-Free Water.
    EPA registered product kills and inhibits blue, blue-green, yellow, and black algae types. Fountec's dosage is safe for plants and animals, but not fish. Fountec is non-hazardous, non-staining and non-foaming. Used in fountains to help control algae and improve the water quality. Keeps your water mosquito-free. Initial dose is one to two teaspoons per 100 gallons. Weekly maintenance dose is 1/2 teaspoon per 100 gallons. Available in 8 oz. (treats up to 9,600 gallons) and 64 oz. (treats up to 76,800 gallons.)