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Enviro Blue - Quart
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    Enviro Blue - Quart

    Price: $36.00

    Code: F-40Q

    Product Description

    F-40 Enviro-Blue is the product of choice when water shading and coloring are desired for that natural “ocean blue” look and feel. Designed especially for use in reservoirs, lakes, ponds, streams, water hazards, aquariums, fountains, industrial ponds, fresh water & salt water bays. Rids water of that dirty, stagnate, off-color appearance and restores aquatics to a healthy Caribbean blue. Contains U.V. Blockers that screen out excess sunlight. Due to its high concentration and solubility, F-40 Enviro-Blue may be applied within minutes and lasts for several weeks. Long lasting and non-toxic to fish, animals or plant life, when used as directed. 1 quart of F-40 treats 250,000 gallons of water.