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UV Sterilizer/Clarifier Guide

How Utraviolet (UV) Works
Ultraviolet light is a spectrum of light that is invisible and lethal to microorganisms. As UV light penetrates the microorganism's cell wall it alters its nuclear material, therefore destroying the microorganism or rendering it incapable of reproducing. UV light is as natural as sunlight. Pond water is pumped through the sterilizer, therefore exposing the organism to the UV.

How to Use
At Dundee Garden Art we have used UV sterilizers since 1996. We use them primarily for green water (pea soup) conditions.
While the UV sterilizer is on, it is destroying algae spores and free floating beneficial bacteria. This process never hurts the primary bacteria that are attached to the liner, filter and water falls.

A system that is designed with a small filter or few plants may need to run the UV sterilizer constantly. We believe constant use to be OK as there are literally thousands of ponds around the world set up this way with healthy koi and goldfish.

The Green Water Cycle
A waterborne algae spore flies in the pond system. The pond's filter or ecological system is unable to destroy this spore. The spore becomes 2 spores, 4 spores, 8, 16, 32, 64 and so on until there are millions, billions or more spores making the pond water green.